Interactive Arts Performance

Here Joe at the drums is shown with Dick Oatts on soprano saxophone, Dick Otis on piano, and Jay Young on electric bass. The artist in the background is Will Stagelberg.

The music for this event, which Mr. Piazza composed, was specifically designed to facilitate artistic line and color. 

Joe interviewed 30 different artists at the college.

He finally found one daring enough to spontaneously paint while the music was unfolding. 

Cameras, projectors and screens were incorporated into the event so that together with the musicians and artists, the audience could experience their interpretation.


Staff Photo by Richard Olsenius; Minneapolis Tribune

Different types of artists create together

The arts were blended for an audience of 200 at the College of Art and Design auditorium when artist Will Stagelberg sketched in the background while the Joey Piazza jazz group wailed away. The free program was funded by the Music Performance Trust Fund of the American Federation of Musicians and the college. Piazza plans on bringing future performances into the schools.